“Healing Relationships through Genetics”    

Two Sessions Sat/Sun 9am – 1pm

  • Learn why you attract and repel certain people
  • Learn the different energy types and how to relate to everyone
  • Learn how to heal any relationship
  • Discover how relationships are designed to catapult you into your Life’s Work & Purpose
  • Learn your biggest challenge in life & your life purpose
  • Discover the quickest way to receive love and abundance
  • Learn why genetics are so important
  • Learn your own genetic profile
  • Discover the gift inside your shadow self

The divine power in our lives and relationships lies hidden in our DNA. It’s scientific, yet the only way to access it is through sacred teachings and transmissions. This workshop will teach you a whole new way of looking at yourself, your loved ones, and Spirit! Sacred Healers Network founders Elyce Monet and Sumithra Tarasov have cracked the codes of their own DNA, and are assisting others to find the secrets that lie within through teachings, energy transmissions, transformational exercises, and group facilitation

$375.00 per person 

*Discounts for groups of 10 or more

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