As a subscriber, you select what type of healing or education you want to experience by clicking on the various channels. Each Channel provides the education, trainings, sessions and healing opportunities unique to the Sacred Healer on that specific channel.  All subscribers have access to all healers and all channels.

Descriptions of some of the services are described briefly below:


Lifestyle/Business/Relationship/Spiritual/Children/Life & Death

Psychiatry & Psychology



Education about the Spine and the Central Nervous System/Laser Therapy/Sports Injury


Allowing the Body to Heal Itself/Natural Remedies for Illness

Energy Healing

Massage/Reiki/Illness & Disease, Genetic Profiling/Angel & Ascended Masters Healings/Karmic Healing/Relationship Healing

Music & Sound Therapy

Guided Meditation Therapy/Crystal Bowls/Native American Chanting & Flute

Herbal Supplements

Natural Healing Herbs and how their use

Environmental Education & Healing

Electromagnetic Frequencies & You/How the Earth Can Help Us Heal/Projects to Save The Planet

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