Founders Elyce Monet and Sumithra Tarasov have created a network of Master Healers who understand that true healing is holistic and incorporates Eastern and Western philosophies that promote healing of all facets of mind, body and spirit.  They are Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Energy Healers, Coaches, Sound Healers, Exercise Healers, Global Solution Creators, Counselors, Trainers and more, who understand that now is the time to stand up and give their destiny gifts to the world.

All Sacred Healers in the Network have gone through a rigorous process of selection, and have been approved by our Advisory Board of Overseers.  We guarantee that these healers are consciously and continuously working on themselves, learning and opening themselves to new revelations, innovative treatments, therapies and higher-level consciousness.  In ancient times, the Master Healers in this network would have been considered prophets, gurus, sacred medicine-men and/or enlightened beings.

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